Raspberry Oats Skyr Bowl


Got a busy day ahead? Kick it off with our Traditional Raspberry Skyr, topped with raspberries and nutritious oats.

Icelandic Provisions Raspberry Traditional Skyr container (5.3 OZ.)
A handful of Raspberries
spoons of oats
Step 1
In a bowl, place Icelandic Provisions Raspberry Traditional Skyr
Step 2
Place a handful of raspberries into bowl
Step 3
Top off with oats

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It might come as a surprise that there is a rich tradition of grilling in Iceland. And not just hot dogs and pork chops during the short, bright summer months but all over the island you will find brave homecooks grilling a leg of lamb in a snowstorm. Using Skyr is one of the easiest ways to tenderize meat. The best part of using Skyr as a tenderizer when grilling, is that it caramelizes in the heat, giving the meat a nice crust and a wonderful, slightly tangy flavor. So with the grilling obsessed nation who eats tons of skyr every year in mind, we created this recipe of versatile marinade which not only tenderizes your meat but doubles as a side sauce as well. Serves 4

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